Raising money for suicide prevention

Thank you for your incredible support for this event.

Through it – we are honouring the life and legacy of an incredible person. 

Our evening together was healing and seriously cool. 

Check back here for updates to come over the next few days.

WHAT is Cathy's Dance for Hope?

Put simply, the event was a dance in the dark, en masse!
On the 18th October 2018, our community came together and gave back to a tremendous cause.
All proceeds from this event have been put towards building “Cathy’s Care Centre”.
Want to know more about this sanctuary?

What was the idea behind Cathy’s Dance?

Music and dance are both incredibly therapeutic, chuck darkness in the mix, and inhibitions can be thrown to the wind!

So often, we get hung up on what we look like and who’s watching. Fear not! Dancing in the dark is a safe space where you can leave your cares at the door.

Learn more about the freedom of dance,

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