Why Dancing In The Dark

Dancing in the Dark Taranaki – Our story….

February 2017 – Two friends spoke of what dancing meant to them….

One spoke of the wonderful feeling, felt, when dancing on her own…..socks on feet, for easy moves on a shiny floor….

The pleasure of feeling your body moving & music combined…the smiles it brought, the joy felt, and how the question popped to mind ….

She recalled the escape from emotional turmoil during a time with cancer.
The emotions of being diagnosed with a life threatening, disease.
Concerns for her children dealing with the emotional turmoil & uncertainty this brought… the sickness & exhaustion of treatment.
She knew how dance took her away, to a place of space, & lightness.
Away from it all.
How the feeling lasted to help deal, with all that came along – the emotional benefits felt so clearly…

And for the other it was noticing how people related to one another after WOMAD.
How the level of joy, kindness and love filtered into the days that followed…..
This friend wondered why we had to wait for another summer to retrieve this sense of connection.
What would it take to share Summer love in July?
The answer for her was Dance.

….How do we bring this freedom to others…. the freedom there is in doing something purely for yourself ….no one telling you how to move or breathe…the freedom to sing, whistle or hum …do what grabs you ….the freedom of being invisible in a truly visible world….

It’s a place where anything goes – move as much or as little as you feel – sing your heart out.. no one can hear you…. No one sees you – lose yourself in the music and the moment…..
So they tested it with others & were encouraged by the feedback …. They had no idea the movement was happening in other parts of NZ & around the world… they just did it because they felt & saw the benefits it brought…

  • “Let your day go….. Let your Life go” (Heather)
    Enjoy the joy & fun of dancing in the dark
    Dancing in the Dark Taranaki – dance like no other
    Every Second Tuesday Autumn – Winter – Spring
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    $5/session – supporting Suicide Prevention

  • ‘That was better than therapy”
  • “I used to need rum once”
  • “Removes the cobwebs”
  • No Rules No Expectations No Fear”

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